The Hoffman House in Kingston holds a significant place in both local history and the world of hospitality. Its story begins with its construction in the early 17th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the area. Originally built as a private residence, the house later underwent various transformations that saw it evolve into a hub for social gatherings, community events, and fine dining.

Over the centuries, the Hoffman House has witnessed the ebb and flow of Kingston's growth, reflecting the historical development of the city itself. It has stood as a silent witness to important milestones in American history, including the Revolutionary War and the birth of the nation. As the years went by, the house transitioned from being a simple dwelling to a prominent inn and tavern, playing a pivotal role in the social and cultural fabric of Kingston.

It's our first meeting at the Hoffman House and we are proud to have you as our first speaker! Kingston Rotarian and Ulster County Director of Tourism, Lisa Moriello Berger.

Lisa told us how critical tourism is to the Ulster County economy and the number of employees that are employed by the great hospitality businesses we have.

People travel from all over metropolitan New York City and northern New Jersey as well as internationally from Stewart Airport.

Many thanks to the Hoffman House for a great first meeting, the food and service were excellent!