Diversity, equity, and inclusion is not a political issue.
Everyone who engages with Rotary — no matter who they are, where they are in the world, or how long they have been connected with Rotary — should feel valued, respected, and welcomed.
These ideals reflect what current and prospective members want and expect from their Rotary experience: Respect, Ethical leadership, and the Opportunity to work together to create more just, open, and welcoming communities for all people.
At the risk of sounding glib, a symbol of what we might become is found in the Muppets.  They show us human potential.  This collection of various creatures -- talking puppets -- are of different colors, species and shapes who live peaceably together. 
They are led by a kind conscientious frog; glamor and beauty exist in a pig, who is madly in love with the frog.  The worst addiction is to cookies.  Two males, Bert and Ernie, live together, take care of each other and drive each other crazy.  In the Muppet world it is always OK to be afraid and express self-doubt.  Their philosophical thought appears in titles of songs with titles such as: It’s Not easy Being Green, The Rainbow Connection and It’s in Every One of Us to be Wise.
For the Muppets all is possible; for the Rotary Club of Kingston, that too, is true.